So, all our internal doors are these solid timber 40mm entrance doors

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.. We always planned to paint them but as they are varnished that's alot of work & I always freak every time they slam thinking it might take a finger!! By the time we sand and repaint, will they just be outdated anyway?

I'm tossing up trying to sell these and instead buy some more modern shaker internal doors that are already primed? But all our sliding wardribe doors match this more traditional look... What would you do?

I'm leaning towards new doors what a refresh but is it worth it? I have purchased new black door hardware.

Thanks for your ideas!


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We have a similar dilemma although our current doors are very ugly (think 90s). We want to replace our hardware but don't think it's worth it on the old doors but such a big job to replace them all in a big house and also the wardrobe doors. Where do you start! We have the second door you have pictured on our bathroom and while I like it it does collect a lot of dust along the bottom edge. I'm looking at the 3rd option for our internal doors.

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Unsure if there’s much of a price difference but Hume doors also have the ham1 which is the same as the Corinthian moda.

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Definitely keep the hardwood! They match the robes, they provide great soundproof quality and theyre also a literal lifesaver in case of a house fire (I've seen videos where the door was closed and the fire left that room untouched)

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