I want to get window coverings for the front 1st floor windows

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The house is slowly coming together after the build handover but still have a long way to go with landscaping & driveway even the mailbox isn’t done yet.

I want to get window coverings for the front 1st floor windows - I’m thinking curtains or plantation shutters. I feel like plantation shutters can sometimes look harsh outside especially with the horizontal lines (not a popular opinion).



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Beautiful home
Mines similar colours and just started landscaping too 😫 I’d go a soft curtain. S fold are Nice. You can get double s fold too with a sheer curtain and a blockout curtain so you can have the sheer through the day and blockout at night

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What colours have you used on the outside. It’s beautiful!!

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Choose S fold sheer’s wall to Wall over Plantation Shutters, love my curtains have block out blinds all in white

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My home is near identical to this, but maybe a few months behind yours. We have opted for sheers on front snd back sliding doors and shutters on the sides.

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I love the softness of sheer curtains - if they’re bedrooms do a double S fold with sheers and blockouts. Having neighbours in close proximity, along the side you could do the same with sheer and block out blinds or shutters to have some privacy and light control .

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Hi we have a similar balcony door but its in our bedroom so need a blind or covering of some sort, just wondering what you are doing for yours? Im not sure what to do!

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Plantation shutters are perfect for your style of house - they would look beautiful

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Following on from all of the S fold curtain suggestions, you can take your plans into Freedom Furniture and they'll show you exactly what you need. They currently have a sale on too. Their curtains are lovely, they also have the blockouts and tracks etc. You can either install yourself or get a handyman. The double curtain rod s tracks are all made up ready to go. I found the staff so helpful. I'm currently building and we have a white home too. I'm having sheers at the front of the home for a softer look and sheers on living room sliding doors on both levels and shutters on side windows such as bedrooms etc.

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Both sheers and plantation shutters will look gorgeous. Just a reminder with curtains you have to be prepared to take them down and wash them, or whatever method is recommended, then putting them up again, and possibly needing help with this. Shutters will need cleaning more often, but you can just do the job yourself, whenever you like, without help.

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Shutters look nice but they block so much light from inside - both the big frames and the slats across every window. I’ll never do them again. Definitely sheets would be much nicer from inside.

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