Has anyone used Dover White for their fascia, spouting and roof colour?

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So we did our colour selection appointment today... has anyone used Dover White for their fascia, spouting and roof colour? I know it's fairly new to the market just interested to see what it looks like in person!


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our builder won’t use Dover for the roof colour.

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Haven’t used it but plan to. Would love to see photos also.

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My daughter's neighbour has a light colorbond roof. No idea of the shade. It is blinding when the lower sun hits it. She has to position herself out of the glare when doing food prep. I would hate it!

Some estate convenants have restrictions on light coloured roofs due to glare. Maybe this new colour does not have the glare issues?

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I have Dover white on my garage door. Because it’s a matte finish it does hold/show dirt more. Glossy finishes tend to let go of dirt.

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Hi, our tile roof was a the equivalent of surfmist, almost a very light grey. Our builder said that was as light as you can go? We have surfmist colour bond on a very small section of roof over garage- it’s hidden from street view and I regret that colour. It’s too bright, Espcially as one bedroom window over looks it

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