Why are some people born with tiny holes above their ears?

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So I’m so curious about this, has anyone else’s children got these holes above their ears? And what do they mean? And why are they there?? I’ve read about it but says it’s rare for it to appear on both ears which my daughter has got it on both ears, says about kidney infections which she had when she was a baby I’m just curious on why she has them and if anyone else’s children have them on both ears?


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This is so interesting, my son has these bit on the Inside of his ear. Intrigued by the connection to kidneys as his older brother was stillborn due to having very small and under developed, non functioning kidneys.

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My 11 yr old son was born with one on his left ear, his dad had exactly the same and same side. Both born with congenital heart disease, was told its common when an organ doesn't develop properly in the womb. Sadly my husband (sons dad) passed away before our son was born, I've always told my son it's a special birth mark given to him from his daddy

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My son had one on his neck when he was born! The doctor called it a sinus branchial cleft fistula. It leaked a lot of fluid constantly so he had it operated on and closed up. They cut the tube as far as they could go but I think the tubes lead somewhere. Think if they get infected it cause issues you can get ot removed. It can also be related to something called BOR syndrome.

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My little boy has them on both ears. He suffers with a lot of ear infections and has a lot of appointments with ears nose and throat specialists as they can have little tubes that connect to the ear drum and cause ear infections and drafts

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My daughter is 11 and she was born with it, was told it was just something that didn't form 100% correctly when she was developing inside me, noone else in family has/had one and she's had no issues, occasionally needs to empty but that's it

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I have them on both ears, my daughter has one and a few other members of the family do too!! Always something we look for when new babies arrive to see who’s kept up the family tradition!! :D

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I had one of these, it’s called a pre-auricular sinus. Mine got really badly infected when I was 17, I ended up having 3 surgeries and lots of hospital stays before it was sorted. I would urge you to go to the docs and see if they can remove it. They normally remove them in children but mine was missed x

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My son has them on both ears, his Dad and his Nanna have one. We call them his dots we have to clean/squeeze them regularly as they get itchy and smelly when blocked but he’s had no issues with them or his kidney’s.

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My daughter has this on each ear! And my midwife said it's something to do with evolving from fish and a reminder that we once had gills haha not sure if its true or not but we tell her she used to be a mermaid in a past life and she loves that 😆 never caused any problems thankfully.

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My son has one, it’s hereditary. It’s called a preauricular sinus. My son has had some awful ear infections so he is getting his removed in a few weeks.

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My daughter & I have them on our ears & throat.

Ours are associated with a genetic condition called Branchio-oto-renal syndrome which involves ears throat & kidney.

Both my daughter & I have hearing loss.. she also has 1 kidney, iv had a stillborn baby 3 years ago who didn't have his kidneys.

This pits are very common, some people have to have them removed as they build up with fluid in the cysts.

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Has she had genetic testing as my friends daughter had repeatedly kidney and urine infection and it was found she had rare genetic problem that means her urethra was tight as she has grown now thirteen it's become less of problem
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