Opinions please - rug or no rug under the dining table?

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Rugs are suppose to define an area. I think it’s entirely up to what you like and how easy will it be to get the chairs in and out. Sorry I’m not much help

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I like rugs but not sure under tables with food dropping. It looks nice as is anyway

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Rugs look better no doubt. But if you have kids or entertain frequently then expect to be dry cleaning that rug every second week.

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Do you have children? Do you use this table a lot or not? I had one when my children were home and took it out after the reality of how impractical it was set in. Today, with just the two of us, it would be fine.

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Nice big flat pile rug that is big enough that when you pull the chairs out all 4 legs are still on the rug. It helps to delineate the dining space so nicely.

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Could you perhaps try putting something on the beautiful feature wall next to the table if you feel like something is missing...instead of the rug. Under my dining table gets so messy that I couldn't have a rug under it so hung some nice pictures on the wall next to my dining table

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This space is screaming out for a rug under the table, in my opinion.

Rugs help define spaces in a large area. I would also have lower hanging pendants over the dining table and a big beautiful mirror or work of art on that white wall opposite... and I would also turn the table around so it lined up with the white wall. Sorry... I've run with this a bit.

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A runner rug behind couch, a statement piece centrepiece on table and artwork or photographs on wall to add depth and warmth to space, I hate rugs under dinning tables due to spills and chairs getting caught

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I had carpet/ rug under my table in my old house and never again. Love that I just vacuum and wash instead of vacuuming and getting stains out. My personal thoughts are it’s also more hygienic.

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