Composite decking: is there a way to clean and maintain it?

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I tried to Google but it points me towards standard wooden decking care.

At the moment I'm sweeping where needed and washing it down with water and/or detergent once or twice a year. Does it need oiling or another kind of cleaning that I'm unaware about?


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No just soapy water or if dirty jet wash.

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Any experience with scratches? Just bought new house with composite decking and noticed there’s some scratches where a chair has been dragged.

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Composite is typically made up of a plastic type material so it is faux timber. It is more expensive than traditional timber decking as it requires no ongoing maintenance.

You can get away with just washing it down if it is particularly dirty - high pressure hose if there’s a bit of a build up but you said you’re sweeping where needed so sounds good!

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