Is it even possible to be puppy/dog broody?

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Show me your pups and dogs best breeds for family etc and then the reasons for and against having one?

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My British bulldog, penny she’s 4 and she’s absolutely brilliant with kids and don’t need much walks! They have such funny but stubborn personalities, I’d never ever get any other breed!

Only down side I say is make sure you have insurance if you get a bulldog as they are know for not having the greatest overall health they struggle with breathing etc hence why you can’t walk them as much as any other breed


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Our newest member of the family! He’s the most loving & affectionate mini dachshund


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And this is my baby. We adopted her when she was 3, she had been in the shelter all her life. She is 8 now and she is my shadow. Where I go, she goes. Always ready for snuggles or play. She is a good girl and a real lap dog. She chose us and I adore her.


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My Rottweiler - most loving and loyal family dog. So good with my four young children


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Unusual accidental cross. Very well behaved loves his family with every bit of his heart and soul and is the most amazing, friendly waggiest dog you could wish for. We are very lucky. It's hard work getting a puppy but in my opinion it's worth every second


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Toller retriever, will be two soon and he has changed our lives completely, very much a family dog and can be aloof with strangers but he just fits into our lives so well


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My Labradors today at the beach 13 weeks old! By far the best dog for a family, loving caring gentle and just all round amazing! I also have mum and day and 2 children


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