I am wanting to paint my side tables and cheval mirror white also..

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I think I will paint my bedroom walls vivid white. I am wanting to paint my side tables and cheval mirror white also, should I use the same as walls or it doesn’t really matter?

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Our walls are lexicon quarter and our trim is vivid white. I’ve painted our furniture vivid white. Our lounge in particular gets lots of yellow light (early morning and late afternoon) so I wanted a white on the walls that didn’t throw any cream / yellow and it def doesn’t


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Enamel is harder wearing first tables so it doesn't mark

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Another vote for Dulux Aquanamel Paint here 😊

I use the high gloss on everything as I personally love the clean appearance of the shiny surface and it's so easy to keep looking nice. Easy to clean - we even have it on our ceilings!

Same colour all over for ease of painting - Dulux White on White which has excellent coverage for a nice, fresh, clean white.

We ended up also getting some help from a professional painter to finish up and he absolutely loved the colour coverage and the quality of the paint.

His business deals were as a Taubman's painter but he really loved the Aquanamel paint quality and our colour choice.

I have also painted some furniture in the very same paint - makes it look more like a planned fixture 😊
Vivid white is lovely and the base colour of most Ceiling White brands, so I am told.

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