I had the plans all drawn up in my head to build my greenhouse this spring

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8 x 7 feet 10 foot tall on the north side 8 in the south side. 6 functioning windows. 

Tonight talking to hubby he throws me a curve ball. What if we get rid of our 7x7 shed and build an 11 x 7 shed and put the greenhouse on the shed as the second floor. I checked the bi laws and it's doable I can go to 14.5 feet in height. But how? 

Staircase would need to be external or it would consume too much space in the shed and not be worth it. And we would need a solid water proof floor. I thought of using a sheet vinyl flooring. Main floor would be roughly 7 feet tall which means the short side upstairs would only be roughly 5 feet tall and the other side 7 feet tall.

Any thoughts? Is this doable or crazy talk?

We live in a city and back yard space is super tight with major set back restrictions.

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Sure it's crazy talk but good crazy. A slight slant to the floor so all water goes to a drain. You could do the vinyl flooring, but you might want to look into how they do flat roofs, which channel water AND can be walked on.

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Sounds awesome to me! You could install a central drain and run the pipe between the floor and ceiling below in whatever direction is most convenient. You could also build a simple roof over the exterior staircase.

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The floor will take away some of the useable height. You might be able to put the bottom floor a little below grade, but that might not be convenient and you have to worry about drainage.

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It would be difficult to keep things dry and without mildew or mold for stuff in the storage portion. Greenhouses sweet, has very high humidity, and let's not forget each time you water plants water drips from every pot.

It would be better to put the storage building on top of it but you still would have mold and mildew issues.

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I think I’d add a dumbwaiter. They can run without electricity and save you a ton of work.

There are plenty of greenhouse plans with the front wall of 6’.

I know a family whose greenhouse is on the 2nd floor of their house. They just used plywood they painted. I think vinyl is an ok solution.

I have one question: how will you heat it?

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Going up and down the stairs snd carrying stuff will get old fairly quickly.

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It’s a cool idea, but instead of building up, why not build out; meaning build
lean-to’s on each side of the shed and then you will have two green houses at ground level, which in turn, wont hurt the integrity of the shed with potential water damage.

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The older I get, the more I hate STAIRS! Especially carrying plants, fertilizer, potting soil. I believe you would live to hate that idea!
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