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"Seeking recommendatios for rain barrels! I'm interested in setting up a rainwater harvesting system for my garden, but I'm not sure which rain barrel would be the best fit for my needs. Can anyone share their experiences with different rain barrel brands or models? I'm particularly interested in factors like durability, capacity, ease of installation, and any additional features such as spigots or overflow outlets. Whether you've had success with a specific brand or have tips for selecting the right rain barrel, I'd love to hear from you.

Additionally, if you have any advice on maintaining rain barrels or maximizing their efficiency in collecting and storing rainwater, please share! Your insights will help me make an informed decision and set up an effective rainwater harvesting system.

Thank you for your recommendations!

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1000 litre IBC tote is probably the best value - got mine used for like $75 last year

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We bought 275 gallon plastic container that sits inside an aluminum cage. Hooked up to downspouts on roof. They are easy to set up & add a spicket. We paid $25.00 ea.

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Our local county extension office here in North Carolina offers a big one for $85. It’s completely ready to go. We just had to place on blocks under downspout.

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We got 55 gallon drums from someone on Facebook market for super cheap and build ours with that for now. One day I want to get something bigger but I have to save up for that.

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Some areas you'll find 55 gallon HDPE (thick plastic) drums. These work really well! They're anywhere between $5-$50 each or you can by them online for about $85 from Home Depot. There's also a larger 175 gallon IBC tote that's a big plastic cube container within a nice metal cage. These run $175-$200 in my area of the PNW. Any sealed (on the bottom and sides) container that's food grade or brand new will work. People even use plastic garbage cans. You can get as creative as you want or buy an entire setup from someone on FB marketplace or online.

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Many places you can get them free from carwashes. It was potable water grade. Blue and white.
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