What is everyone starting to grow now for spring?

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Place your zone number also.


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Zone 6A. Nothing here yet! I started in mid-March last year and it was too early. I've got a long time to wait.

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Zone 3…. 4 feet of snow in the yard… nothing until April(indoors), plant in the greenhouse at Mother’s Day and plant outside in June.

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Zone 8a. In the next couple of weeks I'll be starting beans, eggplant, sweet potato slips, cukes, several types of squash, and probably tomatoes. Of course some flowers to attract pollinators (calendula & sunflowers for sure). Herbs include borage, oregano, and sage.

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Last frost date for me is April 21st give or take so not time to start frost tender things yet for me. Otherwise ill have to up pot plants and won’t have room.

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In 8A SSouthern CA desert I have many of my mild peppers and some tomatoes started in the GH. Outside I have salad makings mature and harvesting.

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We are in 9b/8a but are also a small organic nursery stock provider. 1/15 we start sowing a bunch of spring stuff. Like a lot.

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7b and growing Leg hair for the next freeze. On a serious note. I did start a few cool crops seeds like cabbage and spinach... renting a 12-inch mulcher tomorrow to mulch all the gardens and raise beds.

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5B nothing here yet...late February for me. however I did get on mother Earth and started planning out placement for this years crops.

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6a and in my kitchen I am growing herbs. I am holding my breath in anticipation of a green house but also know that in this area I won’t grow year round without it costing to much. I want a hoop style as the winds do howl and blow here - enough that we have had a couple of trees fall over roots and all (we are in a woodland area) and next to 100’s of acres of COE land and a lake.

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I brought the farm indoors for the winter, kept some herbs, pepper plants, Swiss chard, and some onions that sprouted I broke them apart and replanted them. Gonna start some greens soon. Zone 5b

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I’ve started my viola/pansy/Aquilegia/Leonotis/snap dragon/Agastache/Angelica Gigas and Angelica ‘Sylvesteris. I also have many seeds in moist seed mix in the fridge for a few weeks as per instructions for Delphinium and such! I’m in zone 5b/6a and I have a heated greenhouse at 58 degrees. The seed trays are on heat mats. What about you?

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I’m in 8b northern FL/border GA. I have 3 greenstalk towers going with tomatoes, ground cherry, king tut peas, lettuce, cilantro, marigolds etc. We move them into my 12x28 studio when it gets below 30 for a period of time. I have garlic in the raised bed and in our laundry shed under spider farm led grow lights a really cool cherry tomato plant from bakers creek seed. I think that is an atomic grape. I am a newbie and trying to do it right for spring so thinking I will start seedlings under lights soon.
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