We will need to travel from Kampot to Hoh Chi Min City

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Help needed!

So in 2 weeks time, we will need to travel from Kampot to Hoh Chi Min City. We both have British passports.

We understand that we can enter Vietnam visa free for 15 days, but we want to stay in Vietnam for 30 days.

We are looking online into the visa process and not sure what to do for the best as processing times for the 30 day e visa we need are 10 working days (with tet this would mean our e visa would arrive AFTER we enter Vietnam). Do you know if we would need to have our 30 day E visa before we enter Vietnam to stay this long, or we would be OK if it comes through during our initial 15 day period that we can enter visa free?

I guess the question is, can you extend once in Vietnam? Visa on arrival is currently suspended and E visas are our only option.

Please help!

(PS I also see there is an urgent processing option of 2 days which I assume comes with a fee if needs be we can do this but don’t want to if not necessary due to our automatic visa of 15 days).

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Following as in same situation I’m here atm, got till 26th on my 15 days exemption and want to stay another 15 days minimum after this runs out, kinda stuck what to do.

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I entered Vietnam with the 15 day free visa (UK passport) and went to extend it at the Hanoi immigration/visa office and I was told the only way you can stay for 30 days is to have an evisa on arrival, you can’t extend the 15 day visa once you’re there. I had to fly out of the country and apply for an evisa online, as you cannot be given one whilst you’re in the country. I’m waiting for it to be confirmed and then I’ll fly back in. Just a warning, I’ve been waiting for over a week for it to be confirmed so I’d apply as soon as. Hope this helps

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You cannot extend your visa in Vietnam. Whether is VOA or evisa. If you get a 15 days visa you have to leave the country and re-enter. Same applies to the 30 days evisa. It usually takes 5 days, with Tet I would expect double that to get the evisa approved. Just apply for it right now.
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