Taking Vape into Thailand

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Taking Vape into Thailand

Post by Guest »

I know vaping is technically 'illegal' in Thailand even though everyone is vaping.

My question is, has anyone travelled to Bangkok (specifically Suvarnabhumi airport) with a vape and liquids and had any problems at security?

Online there are a lot of scare mongering stories of huge fines and possible imprisonment. I have travelled via train from Malaysia to Thailand and flown domestically inside the country with my vape without any issues.

If I gage from peoples experiences its too much of a risk, I'll just leave it behind and buy a new one once inside the Kingdom.


Re: Taking Vape into Thailand

Post by Rhiannan »

Flew from Hanoi to BKK, with a vape in carry on, no problem at all. In fact in hanoi airport we had left a vape in our check in baggage, security pulled us aside and they just said OK good put it in your hand luggage.

Re: Taking Vape into Thailand

Post by Morten »

Seen so many people vape in Thailand that it sounds crazy to me that its illigal + theres weed for sale and being smoked everywhere. Doubt you'll be put in prison for bringing it.

Re: Taking Vape into Thailand

Post by Saga »

We hade a vape in our hand luggage when going through Bangkok. They were more interested in our solar charger (for mobile phones) than the vape. Doubt that you will get prison but might get it confiscated and a fine.

Re: Taking Vape into Thailand

Post by Angel »

I flew from Gatwick to Bangkok last July, they didn't really cared about my vape and vape juice. And I can even vape around the city.
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