To those that have travelled in Laos recently..

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Has anyone does Laos South to North, always appears to be done the other way. Is there any issue this way.

Also any advice getting from Phnom Penh to four thousand island area eg Don Det.

Lastly I’m a solo 63 yr old traveller am I going to meet people OK or ignored as far too old.

Thanks very much, really appreciate any advice.

Has anyone had any experience getting the train?

Thanks for your help..

Post by Kris »

in Laos to travel from S. to N., no any problem at all.

Post by Fraser »

I'm 58 and, the people you will meet are the ones to whom age is not relevant.. and, those are the ones you'll want to meet. Having said that I spend much of my time alone and use it as an opportunity for self-reflection and introspection. Enjoy your travel.

Post by Karolina »

No problem with traveling south to north, just make sure you don’t stay on Don Det forever as you will probably like it a lot.

Buses / transfer is easily organized in every hostel / guest house or with agencies which you find in all touristy areas.

If you are open minded with meeting other people I don’t think you will have any issues meeting like minded travelers

Post by Pam »

If you want to do a river cruise, tho (which looks pretty amazing) the trip takes longer S to N because that's upriver. Anyone feel free to correct me if I am mistaken.
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