Can I ask if anyone has been to Sri Lanka recently?

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I've read there is still civil unrest, shortages of food, fuel, curfews & power strikes daily.

Would appreciate to hear any experiences people have had recently.

Thank you

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Hi I was there April/ may and unfortunately I had to leave early as got pretty bad there. Although certain areas where fine it was mainly the main cities. However I kept in touch with one of girls from Sri Lanka who I met in Malaysia and she informed me it’s slowly getting back to normal there she’s in Colombo. I’m hoping to return this year or next, hope this helps

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I was there in September, and honestly if I hadn't have read about all the unrest in the media before arriving I wouldn't have known anything was going on! We had absolutely no issues moving around via public transport, no issues with food, fuel, electricity, etc... We had an amazing time there, the people are some of the kindest you'll meet. The biggest shame is that there just aren't the tourists there that the local economy needs to survive at the moment.
Middle Aged Gap Mark

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We've just returned from.our 2nd holiday in Sri Lanka in past 8mths..

We arrived back home on January 8th 2023..

Having been travelling around the South/ and West Side of the country..

Tangelle, Galle, Marrissa, Bentota and even Colombo the capital itself for 3days..

At absolutely no point in time was there any unrest..

No food shortages in shops or restaurants we went too.

No ques For fuel as it was in April 2022..

The people were absolutely very warm, welcoming and even on packed trains, made every effort to help us aboard the trains..

I even posted about our experience on fb Sri lanka forums..

We absolutely loved our 2nd adventure in Sri Lanka..

Can I ask where you're reading your reports about your concerns..?

We won't be hesitating in retuning too the country
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