I will be doing a 40 day backpack trip to Vietnam, Cambodia and Thailand

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I have a question to. Have any of you done a backpack trip with a big luggage and what is your experience, if so would it be best to take a big backpack as checked baggage and a hand luggage or a smaller backpack and a big luggage as checked baggage?

I am a big shopper when I travel. I will be taking buses and trains to travel around.

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Hello sweetheart. I got a small and a large backpack, one to wear at the front and one at the back of an entity called "me" and I find it to work very well. I did Vietnam, Cambodia and Thailand with few luggage (bags mostly empty) so I could buy some stuff on my journey. With backpacks your hands remain free, it's quite useful really. Have a safe and wonderful trip!

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I have seen Israeli girls with enormous suitcases in S America, it doesn't work and it's SO annoying for everyone else in a dorm.....mail what you buy home.

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Alot of buses will only allow 1 checked luggage and one carry on so you may have to pay more. Also, if you carrying huge luggage you will have to take train or full sized coach as the cheaper little transfer vans won't have room 1 large bag per person.
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