Quick dinner ideas for tonight

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What is everyone having for their evening meal tonight? I’m in desperate need of some inspiration please..

Post by Emma »

Waffle burgers. (Burgers between two potato waffles rather than bread. Kids love them)

Post by Tracy »

Homemade quiche, baby garlic potatoes and homemade rainbow slaw.

Post by Kayleigh »

Jacket potato with bacon, onion and cheese, served with beans and salad!

Cook jacket potato cut in half, scoop potato out and put in a bowl and mix in the cooked bacon and onion and add the cheese and mix together. Then put the potato mixture back into the potato skins sprinkle cheese over top and put in over for 10 mins to crisp cheese then serve with a side of beans and salad

Post by Deborah »

I’ve got a chicken out of the freezer. I was planning a cheats style Nando’s but kids have asked for a roast as it’s cooler today so roast chicken with all the trimmings it is!

Post by Katherine »

We having a gusto meal no idea what one yet. But in hot weather we enjoy lighter dishes or things with salad, pasta or rice.

Post by Kate »

Cous cous salad, with tomatoes, cucumber and red onion. And probably something else to go with it. Like Quorn Dino bites or something.

36 going on 7

Post by Vicky »

Beef brisket that's cooking in slow cooker all day. Roast pots carrots and peas Yorkshire puds and gravy. Sunday dinner but on Monday as was to hot yesterday for it
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