If your going into thailand from another country with airline just be aware they will ask to see a return ticket home!

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.. Flew back from vietnam to thailand again and vietnam airlines made me show proof! had to purchase a last minute bus ticket online showing proof, almost didn’t make it on the plane!

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This is nonsense. You can just tell them you’ll be able to extend your visa with an extra month, you’re not sure yet when you’re leaving, you’re leaving by bus/boat, it is absolutely no problem as long as you’re white and have a western passport. You can stand your ground, although it might be easier and less hassle and even cheaper sometimes to just buy a fake onward ticket. Most airline check in people are not aware of the exact visa rules. I’ve had this discussion more than once on an airport, they call immigration of the country you’re going to and let you through in the end. Only worth the discussion if you’re at the airport in time and there’s no chance to miss your flight.

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The rules of entry to Thailand as a tourist are actually that you must be able to show proof of an exit ticket within the allocated time of entry (not necessarily “home”). This is only checked occasionally, not all the time. And the worst that usually happens is you’re made to purchase a ticket leaving the country before you’re allowed to enter Thailand.

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This is a common known fact... almost every country in the world wants proof that your going to leave their country and not over stay or not leave. Some countries it's a requirement and some countries like Philippines it is by Law.
It's mostly airlines that enforce it because if they ask you at immigration and you don't have it the airline that allowed you to fly without it is held responsible for flying you back.

If you make it on the flight without it at immigration they may or may not ask its a chance you take. It is required if they ask. If you refuse to purchase one you will most likely be detained until they can find a flight for you back home or another country that will accept you.

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I just checked in at Dublin airport and they asked to see ticket out of thailand , I used OnwardTravel on the spot as i didnt have a ticket.

This worked fine and only took 2 minutes.

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From my experience generally of travelling to many different countries you can never tell. It’s a risk. If you are prepared to take the risk then chance it. If you want peace of mind stick to the rules. The caveat is this may not always work either!

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Bottom line is that they don't always ask but as precaution, either be at the airport very early to tell the authorities there is no need for an onward ticket since you can extend visas and leave the country through land, water and air border or you just get a fake onward ticket for $14.
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