How much people spent in a week in different countries in SE Asia?

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Hello beautiful fellow backpackers. I know this is an age old question but I was wondering on average how much people spent in a week in different countries in SE Asia? I am planning on going to Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos and Phillipines all up for 6 months and I am trying to estimate how much I’ll need.

I know people say it depends on backpacking style - I am planning to do as much overland travel as possible, sleep in dorms (staying in a private room every few weeks for a couple of nights), take public transport/grabs and eat street food mainly, some restaurant meals! I’m keen to do some activities as well which I know will add up!

I was thinking approx $2,000 AUD per month + flights + travel insurance.

Thanks in advance

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2k aud per month is a good amount.

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That’s a good budget, if you stick to local food you might even spend way less than that, you won’t need to spend much on flights once you get over to Thailand as you can land travel through to Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam which will save you money 🙂 have the best time!

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With that budget it should even allow you for some beers and private rooms.. on average I spent about US$900 a month but staying only in private rooms as I'm with my girlfriend so together would be about US$1,800 a month. You gonna have a great time!

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I’ll just add another comment that I agree this is reasonable. Your travel plans sound very similar to ours (my fiancé and I are traveling together) and we are averaging about $100-120 USD per day ($50-60USD per person). If you avoid the touristy areas, you can be much lower. But you can easily eat a $20 meal in Thailand at a “westernized” restaurant and blow your budget for the day between that and a private room. Just have to be cognizant!

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As a long term resident in Lao I would give this additional advice. Try to limit the number of place you stay, (in each country) so you can take the time to relax rather than running from one touristy place to another.

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Should be able to do it easily on your budget but obviously depends on what you want to do within the trip.
Over 11 weeks in Thailand and Vietnam I averaged around £225 (400AUD) including inner country travel and tours. Street food was the best thing to keep cost down and I tended to stay In hostels with like one night in a private per week. Only other thing that was relatively more expensive than I expected, particularly in Thailand was alcohol.

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South East Asia can be expensive or in can be cheap. Avoiding major tourist destinations can save a LOT of money. Slow travel and spending more time in one place is much more relaxing and cheaper. For example you could spend 3 whole months in Northern Thailand for very little cost and you would never run out of things to see.
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