Was wondering if anyone has a rough idea for a good budget for Vietnam?

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I’m planning on heading to Vietnam after Thailand, I’ve set £1,000 budget a month for Thailand. Was wondering if anyone has a rough idea for a good budget for Vietnam? Is it worth sticking to £1,000 a month for all countries in SEA?

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Thailand is the most expensive tbh so if you can manage on £1000 there you will manage it on that or less everywhere else.

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Vietnam is cheaper than Thailand imo. I was there 3 weeks and only spent £500.

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I found the transport like night busses in Vietnam we're way more expensive like £15-£20+ each time and the thing with Vietnam is there's alot of stops usually. People in the hostel going further than me was paying the same so I needed up paying double as I got 2 busses to the end place as i stopped in lots of cities (if that makes sense)

It also depends on what you like to do if you're partying alot or booking tours like the hai giang loop etc. I had £800 for the month same as Thailand Cambodia etc and found it was a stretch towards the end more than other places and we did the cheapest hostels/food etc and v good at budgeting xx

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I spent 11k in Thailand in three months… nothing to show and didn’t live comfortably.
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