Myself and my boyfriend will be travelling the Philippines in march

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.. and was wondering if we book our flight out on the day our visa ends will we be penalised if the flight is delayed, causing us to not have visa cover?

Hoping someone has experience with this..

Thank you!

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It's always best to book your flight/bus out of the country atleast 1 day ahead of your visa expires incase of cancelation it gives you time to figure something out. Some countries are very strict and will fine you and some will even ban you for X amount of years.
Middle Aged Gap Mark

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If you're at the airport and already through immigration ready to fly you can't be penalised as you're technically out of country so too speak...

If you're asking that you want too maximise your time and book a flight right at end of your visa time, and your airline emails to cancel flight, causing you to overstay, then that's something only the immigration people can hopefully understand and be understanding...

They maybe very sympathetic or require overstay payments.

Unfortunately that's the risk you'll be taking.
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