What is the best travel insurance for long term traveling?

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We are leaving in February and hoping to travel around for the next year or 2 so I want to make sure we have a good travel insurance in place so any recommendations would be appreciated.

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Whatever you get, read the PDS contract very carefully. A poor young Brit while in Kho Tao was denied medical cover because he was out of the country more than a month...,So ensure your pokicy covers you for the entire time you are away.

You get what you pay for if you go on the cheap.

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SafetyWing is a really great one! And you can extend or cancel your policy while on the go. You can also pay monthly or all in one go and it automatically covers “dangerous” activities like scuba diving etc unlike other insurance where you need to specifically choose those kinds of activities to cover.

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Safety wing will likely be the best if you don’t know exact dates, just recurs monthly until you stop travelling and has good reviews in terms of fast and easy payouts.

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I got Tick travel insurance.

Read through literally every word of the fine print and for the price I'm very happy with it. I got the medium cover and added on natural disaster cover for 10 weeks was $270 AUD.

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So… we’re using True Traveller as I decided to test every companies claim telephone lines as a way of deciding who to go with. I like to talk to a human and check what’s happening with any claim… Basically all companies send you on a wild goose chase where the claims line tells you to go to some obscure website of the actual insurer underwriters to download a form. So all of the brands you see advertising traveller insurance are just front-end presentations. In reality you claim from their corporate partners. I rang all companies mentioned here claim lines and gave up after 30 minutes on hold. True Traveller I got through, and was re-assured. Anything likely to be over £500 you call a 24/7 helpline and they deal directly with the medical centre and pay it all upfront. Below £500 you pay and claim back. True Traveller are really an AXA brand, and I’ve had ‘relatively’ good experiences with AXA in other walks of life too.
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