What do people wear to the airport when going abroad?

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May seem daft question, but, what do people wear to the airport when going abroad? Fly next week first time in 11 years and I’ve no idea what to wear? Going to Greece so will be hot when we arrive ?

Post by Jodie »

I wore a long floaty dress and had a cardigan which i popped in my hand luggage bag on arrival

Post by Stuart »

I usually wear my wife's thong and nothing else, saves time at security as they know I'm not hiding anything

Post by Lucy »

Harem type trousers or loose fitting cotton ones and t-shirt plus hoodie or cardi.

Post by Jenny »

I always find the plane chilly so take a cardigan or zip up hoody with me and wear lightweight trousers as I hate the feel of the plane seats!

Post by Sabrina »

depends on what time you fly I always fly at a stupid time i.e after 11pm and before 6am so will do a maxi with a loose cardi and leggins under then just shove it in my handbag when I arrive orrr drink so much in the spoons waiting for the flight I don't feel the plane cold and pass out :D

Post by Sara »

I once watched a video an air hostess made recommending something for comfort but also something practical and warm incase you have to do an emergency landing.

So no skimpy clothing or sandals/flip-flops, no jeans as they're heavy if you end up in the water.

I always wear joggers/leggings, trainers and a t-shirt and carry a hoody.

Post by Fay »

I flew to Abu Dhabi and wore leggings.

Not the coolest but comfortable on the plane. We landed in the evening so it wasn’t too bad.
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