Best place is to buy a SIM & exchange cash or draw money in Hanoi

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Just wondering where the best place is to buy a SIM card on arrival at the airport in Hanoi, and where to exchange cash or draw money.

Can anyone recommend services at the airport?

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Once you pick up your luggage, you will walk out the main doors to the area where drivers / friends meet arriving passengers. Look around there and you’ll see plenty of options. I use the VietTel SIM card and always get the largest amount of data and some voice call options available. Get the person you buy the SIM card from to activate it as well - yes, it’s probably pretty straight forward but these folks do it all day, every day and can do it easily at no additional charge (be sure your phone is Unlocked!). Same for currency - find one of the bank kiosks and it’s very easy to do. All of the services are near each other so very easy to do.

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There's about 10 sim card dealers as soon as you get passed immigration and all the sim dealers are currently exchange booth as well. Just take a walk and ask each there prices alot of the packages are the same but different priced.

Alot of the packages will be "unlimited" but capped off at 2gb, 4gb, 6gb a day.

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Go with an esim like Airalo.
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