Does anyone know this cost?

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I am heading to London, Paris and then on to Germany the end of May into June. Will take the Eurostar from London to Paris then to Germany. Does anyone know the cost?

I am not using a travel agent. Not sure about the currency in the UK, France and Germany.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

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Depends on when you book. Cheaper when booking in advance. Book through the official website

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Get the Eurostar app and book sooner than later. I’ve seen it as little as £39 but I think that’s rare. I saw it in the 50’s for a long while and as you get closer it gets higher. That’s for the cheapest class. Just did this a few weeks back. Not sure what Germany uses but London uses British pounds and Paris uses Euros. Just an fyi, almost no one wants cash, make sure you have a credit card with no transaction fees.

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We did the same sort of trip in May/June of 2019. Even if tickets aren’t available yet you can see how much they are for earlier days and get an estimate. In 2019 London to Paris costs us $89 per person and Paris to Frankfurt was $46 a person. Not sure how similar the prices currently are. The rates come up in pounds and euros, but this is what we were charged American dollar wise on our credit card.

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The further out you purchase your ticket through Eurostar, the less expensive it will be. We purchased ours about 2 months in advance for our trip end of october. We paid about $150 usd from London to Paris. If you go through the Eurostar website, you get to choose your seat. However, you use a third party website you likely will not be able to choose your seat and you may face backwards on the train. Also, when you get to Garde Nord train station, you do not have to go through customs or just find the right platform and train car, and hop on to the train. It was the quickest and easiest train station to travel out of.
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