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Originally wanted to travel to Lisbon, Portugal flying out of Boston 5/1 to 5/6 Now considering maybe Iceland since it's cheaper. Any preference for one or the other for such a short trip? Also open to other locations that have direct flights from Boston.


Feel free to post recommendations for both countries.

Post by Lincoln »

Your Iceland tickets would probably have to be 1/3rd the price for Iceland to actually end up cheaper. Iceland is very expensive, Portugal is very cheap.

Post by Brian »

I recommend sticking with Portugal as you’ll recoup the extra money spent on the ticket to Portugal when you’re there and everything will be much cheaper than Iceland.

That amount of time is perfect for Lisbon, as well as a day trip out of the city.

Post by Stephanie »

Can’t say about Portugal (did you check the SAS sale?) but Iceland is CRAZY expensive. Like $50 a meal per person expensive. We did a camper-van though and ate a lot of roadside hotdogs. Still my second favorite place ever.

Post by Joe »

Love both. Agree with everyone Iceland is much more expensive once you are there. Maybe aer lingus to Ireland? They’ve been having sales.
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