My fiancé and I are getting married in Santorini in September

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.. Stopping through Athens first for a few days. I want to put together a travel list for our guests who have never traveled internationally before and for the older guests.

I would like ideas for creating a list of items to pack and things to keep in mind ahead of time. I've thought of examples for my older guests to consider compression socks for the plane and light slippers.

For everyone: power converters for their chargers, battery packs for extended battery life, sunscreen, earphones, snacks, one pair of sandals, and one pair of tennis shoes, etc. And for traveling abroad to read about cash and currency tips.

Any other advice to add to my lists to help my guests?

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There are some great customizable travel checklists if you search Google for “international travel checklist”

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I don't think they will need a converter unless they are taking something that is only 100 - 110 V. Most chargers for things like cameras, phones, and tablets are now dual voltage (100 - 240 V). They will need plug adapters, though, if coming from the US.

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Explain why you don't flush toilet paper in Greece. It is so easy to take a ferry from the port in Athens to islands nearby for around 20 euros each way.

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Let them know they can likely use ATMs for converting money, as the rate is better than exchange bureaus.

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Make copies of all your documents -- passport, drivers license, front and back of credit cards, medical insurance, medicines (prescriptions) and store the copy in the cloud. Also do this with your COVID card. I also leave a copy with one of my adult kids. With most credit cards, you no longer have to notify them of your travels, but I do for my bank and back up cards. Enjoy and congratulations!

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Put a copy of your COVID card on your phone. You just never know when you'll be asked for it. For the women bra wallets (Google it). Game changer - especially in Italy. I recently bought compression socks with zippers based on a suggestion by someone on another travel site. But neither hubs or I thought they were very tight. So not sure they were really compressing. But they were super easy to put on (unlike regular compression socks).
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