What is the best thing to drink on a hot summer day?

The information given in this board is non medical and based on research and peoples personal experience.

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OK I'd just like to say, I work as a postie in the UK and walking 5-6 hours with weight in these temps we are having, I'm sick of hearing how we are snowflakes for not being able to cope in this heat.

I come in from work most days either vomiting or feeling sick with a headache.

Trying to take enough water to stay hydrated, with little to no toilet stops. Then to do it again the next day. It takes from A WEEK TO 2 WEEKS for a healthy person to acclimatise, can be longer if u get heat stroke, We are walking 5-6 hours a day of course we are going to be drained.

So please have a little compassion. Thanks to all who offer us drinks it really helps. The same goes for anyone working outdoors in this heat.

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My husband is a tree surgeon and has come home and been sick at night too. It's awful, the chainsaw trousers protective gear plus heavy chainsaws. And people are still rude, and asking for extras not in the quotes. And getting moody about everything. I feel sorry for them all , builders scaffolding, postie etc etc.

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I saw my postman getting near my house the other day and ran in to get him a cold can of pop from the fridge. He couldn't thank me enough and said he didn't know whether to drink it or pour it on him, so he's stuck it in his shirt whilst I was talking to him

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I’m shocked that people are complaining about posties! I wouldn’t like to do your job in this heat.

EVERYONE working in this heat is having a tough time, and it must be awful for those of you outside and/or having to wear heavy duty clothing. I’m grateful to be off work for the school holidays.

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My hubby is a builder and has been so ill this week! Feel for anyone having to work outside and in kitchens. Where I work has air con, feels like hell walking passed the kitchen.

Thanks for everything the post service does in all weather!

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Who the hell is telling you you’re a snowflake! 😡. It’s absolutely awful in this heat! I can barely function let alone walk around outside! You’re a rock for even finishing your day. I’m glad to hear some people are at least offering you a drink. I always miss my postie!

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I used to work in catering and it's no joke when it's hot. Not all kitchens are air conditioned and you're not allowed open windows or doors. This heat does affect people doing certain jobs. I for one wouldn't like to be walking round,fully laden in this heat. I salute all you people who are suffering.

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I totally understand....I work in greenhouses and the heat has been unbearable...I get people saying I should enjoy it!! And I do when I am sat in my back garden with a cold drink and some shade when I need it! I love my job but have to say I have struggled in this heat!!!

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Honestly can’t even believe people are calling any posties snowflakes!! I leave cold drinks at my door daily & change then every hour to make sure they’re always cold. My posty also knows he’s more than welcome to use my toilet! He’s an older gent so I’ve always made it clear he can knock on & ask for anything he needs or wants! I honestly don’t know how u all do it.

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My postie nearly collapsed on my driveway the other day. He rang the doorbell and then slumped against my porch door. Clearly suffering from heat exhaustion. Gave him a cold cloth, some sweets and a fresh drink till his work partner came and got him and took him home. So you have my every sympathy, as I felt so sorry for him.

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Walking around in this heat all day must be awful! Definitely not snowflakes! I’ll happily offer any of my posties a drink or the use of my bathroom so they’re not restricting fluids all day.
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