Is it possible to transfer my Wix website to WordPress?

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Hey all, I'm a SEO newbie. I just had my website built out using Wix. I've been seeing a lot of folks in the SEO space saying that Wix is horrible in SEO and its sole purpose is to build a website. Is it possible to transfer everything including my current website design, content and functionality to WordPress?


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It's not impossible to rank a Wix site. In fact, it's very possible. Let me know if you need assistance. Yes, you have much more control using WP, but depending on how competitive your niche is, you might very well be able to still rank your Wix site.

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Yes, it's possible to design anything from Wix on wp.

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That's not entirely true. And ill explain. Why people choose Wix in the first place? Mainly because its easier and faster way to build a website. And most of the websites are simple ones. With no meaningful content on them (one page etc..) so the reason you don't see a lot of Wix websites rank high on competitive keywords is because of that reason NOT the platform.

However, if you do create good content on your Wix website it could be that it will take longer to rank but its not impossible.

Try to think about this that way - if you have good content that is helpful for users why for google not to show it? Just because it was built on Wix? That's dosne't seem logical.

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Wix is fine for SEO. When people talk about WP being better they typically are talking about the various plugins you can use for SEO. Or they just don't know what they are talking about. Either way you don't need plugins for SEO.

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Most ppl who say Wix can't rank are just regurgitating things they've read in the past. Wix was horrible at one time but they put a ton of effort into fixing their issues about 8 or 9 years ago. Anything that you can do on-page with WP, you can do with Wix.

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Nobody answered this guy’s question. As far as I know there’s no quick way to transfer the Wix website to WordPress, you will have to recreate it manually.

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This seems to be a never-ending argument with WordPress lovers on one side and Wix lovers on the other! From my experience it is more than possible to get a Wix site to rank in the top three and very often in first place depending on how competitive your market is. I personally do not find WordPress intuitive in the slightest. It may have more features than Wix and you may be able to change themes etc but for most small to medium sized Wix is more than capable of providing a good quality website that ranks and that has most of the features that most businesses require. More importantly it is way, way easier than WordPress with way less of a learning curve and it makes ongoing site edits, updates and maintenance easy.

Wix also has a lot of integrations that are native to the app and that work seamlessly like SEO, analytics and email marketing. Horses for courses but I think that Wix are upping their game year on year and currently provide a very viable website builder.

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You can build a WordPress site to look just like a Wix site, there's no automatic process for this. You will also have to redirect all existing links to your new WordPress site as link structure will more than likely be different. So before you get going actually consider if this helps you as whether it's Wix or WordPress, SEO is something you can manage on both.

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So migration from wix to WordPress is a tedious task. Wix doesn't have an export function. The only thing you can do is a transfer service but that only moves the text content because it's a CSV file. So having done this a couple is the answer: you have to do it manually, everything and anything. It's not different from a site redesign. Every page has to be rebuilt and all the images re-uploaded, all the links redone, menu redone, header redone...only the written text can be easily copied and pasted over. I have tried other ways six ways from Sunday this is the only option.

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That's no longer a "fact!" You can rank on Wix. What's more you'd have to "from scratch" repeat the site on another platform and WordPress is high maintenance. If you can't code, you won't love it. Moving is expensive (several thousand dollars to do well) so I'd spend that money on marketing to drive customers. Worry about a change much later.
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