Google is not indexing meta descriptions.. Any suggestions to fix it?

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Hello, Google is not indexing meta descriptions and showing up random text, characters, or numbers from websites. I tried updating meta descriptions and submitted the sitemap in the google search console. Still, the issue is not resolved.

I use RankMath.

Any suggestions to fix it?

Post by Christian »

You may have a caching and minifying plugin that is overriding the changes made via RankMath. Reach out to RankMath for support.

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It doesn't really matter what you will put in meta description since Google changes that depending on what you asked for in Google.

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The meta description is often not provided as such, Google takes a meta description of its own. In this case, it is best to write the very first part of your content in such a way that Google highlights it and takes it with a meta description to do what you want it to do. Most of the time, Google takes the meta description from the first part of the content if it doesn't like the meta description you provided. So optimize that section well and write it with focus keywords.

Best wishes.

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Ok so first things first Google is not obligated to use your manually written meta and will often override it if it finds content on page more relevant for example bullets or benefits. So, what this means is you have to look at your page structure and your text or paragraphs should always be within the top fold or below the fold. And with that use that as part of your meta. For example, let's say a product page is image left price right then bullets of benefits and the description is within a drop-down Google will often use the bullet points. Text placement on the page is critical for keeping meta descriptions in control. Also using 90 percent similar text within the description. For a blog post the meta should be the opening paragraph excerpt. If this isn't the case then do a live submission in GSC and if you see a blank page most likely your caching the rendering elements google needs and it's flying blind.
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