What would you suggest the URL/title of the page I should create would be?

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Happy Monday.. I found a low-hanging phrase and I wanted to ask the group a question about optimization.

The phrase is “taekwondo for adults near me”

What would you suggest the URL/title of the page I should create would be? I have been doing exact match and wondering if this is correct. Also wondering if I should include the ”near me” or does Google understand that part.


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I think you need sufficient citation/listing for your business popularity. Also, you need to do GMB page Optimization (it is free), Google Map Citation with Direction in your business area radius to increase the visibility of your business. You need to GMB profile updated and social platforms by regular content, image, short video etc, As a result, potential customers can easily find you online when they search as “NEAR ME” You will get good results by following the below mentioned process:
  • Please create maximum Maps Citations on Google Maps within business address radius.
  • Provide SEO Driving Directions on Google Maps within business address radius.
  • Must be complete Setup and optimization of Google My Business Page.
  • Use GMB provided free website, setup and update it by regular post by short content, Image & Videos.
  • Please arrange Manual and authentic reviews on your GMB & Citation pages.
  • Start for provide Dofollow Backlinks on that.
  • Start Business Listings & Bookmarks with NAP.
  • Also start Map embeds backlinks.
  • Please do the same practice on Social platform too.

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Not sure why you would consider that one "low hanging." Regardless, I'd use a product-location string for the URL, something like: /adult-taekwondo-[CITY] As others noted, using "near me" in the copy is not advised; it's awkward and spammy. Instead use phrases like, "adult taekwondo near/in [CITY]".

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Don't do near me.
Have a page of your service areas.
Have a page about services.
That's it.
Do other local SEO stuff. You don't need normal SEO.

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You don't need the "near me". It doesn't work like that. I can't think of a better example of not writing pages for search engines than targeting "near me" as keywords and that's not what you want to do.

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You’ll get different answers for this question. I would identify the local cities that Google recognizes around your business and create a unique piece of content around that service for each location. What city is your business address located in?
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