How do I bounce back from the helpful content update?

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I have updated all my posts with more relevant information and removed all the internal links to unrelated pages.

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That's content quality + internal backlinks, more inclined to believe is the latter.

work on the internal backlinks.

have no orphaned pages.

and keep them clusterized.

lots of people say was about internal backlinks, not a content qualiry per se.

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Now, keep updating your website with informative content, interlink the pages, add images, videos where possible, wait for the next update.

Post by Pietro »

In my expeience, such a drop could happen only for serious rules violation. If this is the case, correct everything and wait, a lot.

Post by Rao »

Wait for the next core update.

Post by Daniel »

Don't do anything. Let it sit for a couple for a couple of months.

Post by Jeff »

I have seen big firms crash massively due to this update.

Post by Ryan »

I feel like the obvious answer is create helpful content.

Post by Justin »

I gave up on trying to understand what Google wants. Same thing happened to me, hundreds of pages and products were not indexed anymore. I did everything possible with no change. I left the site alone and 2 months later everything was indexed and back to normal. 4 days later they took it all away again. This is with me doing nothing at all.

Post by Josh »

Sounds like you have a lot of work, are those unrelated pages still on your website? that could be a factor, as well good mentioned that it could take months as they re-evaluate the site and see where your website fits in.

I had a client site also hit and we also added a lot of relevant content aggressively.
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