I have a flower shop, to appear first in Google searches, do I need to create a website, or can with a Facebook page?

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Any recommendations or tips?

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Facebook is not a place to build a following and expect to take your contact list with you when you get locked out for no reason in the future. I don’t trust FB to respect my business investment. You can be wiped off FB and have nothing to show for all your hard work.

Building your own email list can be invaluable and it’s yours! That’s just one benefit of having your own website

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To get on the first page, you need to constantly work on several web resources that will be linked together. For example website + Facebook page + Google business page. Each of these resources should be well optimized and receive decent feedback and interactions from visitors. If you constantly work on the service and content, you have a chance to get on the first page (I do this daily.

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As Lori said, a GMB should make the deal, but a website is always a good choice. I suppose you want to rank your site in a city/state area (not national), so (depending on the competition), you may rank in the top positions of the 1st page.

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Given that search is localized, maybe, maybe not. Your FB page will rank but isn't even close enough to create the trust of a real website. You can create a Google My Business page (free and you absolutely NEED this). SEO is never easy, fast or cheap.
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