Have you seen Google suspend Roofing GBP's for saying they're a contractor when they only have a business license?

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They do roof repairs and in TN, you don't need to be a contractor to handle repairs under $3,000.

I know they're limited with Google Ads due to license restrictions, however, is Google going after the business profiles for this?

I didn't see anything wrong with his profile or information and I'm trying to help them get it reinstated.

Thanks everyone!

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Google would suspend itself if it had a GMB. Don't forget that.

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To most people’s surprise, google does verify businesses that require licenses. A licensed contractor should have their license number on the website as well.

Such as roofing contractors.

I’m not sure if you are aware of Google’s E.A.T.E. (expertise, authoritativeness, trustworthiness, and experience), but you should consider this especially with local businesses.

Google has rules for roofing contractors. So, I would assume they would be strict with someone saying they install roofs or repairs but are not licensed contractors.

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We’d have to see whether the “$3,000”ers offer roof installations and replacements on their sites, because neither is $3,000.

Also, contractors require licenses, as you know. A $3,000er is grossly misleading the public to attach themselves to that title. A small subset cannot misappropriate a term that is commonly understood to mean something else. It’s lying on your résumé. It’s deceptive.

I don’t know TN, but maybe “handyman” or some other colloquial term would should be used for these businesses?

I have roofing clients and I am 1,000% in agreement with Google.

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Don't have any roofing clients but I'm over in the Boro' bro. Wanted to say hey and good luck!
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