A pretty fun and easy way to get backlinks from your competitors

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Searching their outbound links in Sermrush, downloading the data, then uploading it to GoDaddy and finding those expired domains with live links.

But now, I see so many opportunities. What can I do with these domains as I cant 301 every domain with a good link. How can I maximise the potential here?

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It's old and outdated and barely works anymore. A better method is to find those sites, see who links to them and outreach to those sites saying they link to a 404 but here is a replacement link (yours). It's got a very high conversion rate because you're helping them identify a broken link.

This way, they actually link to you not via some dodgy 301.

I build links like this all day every day. Works in any industry and there are a lot of people linking to dead pages and for every dead page is a list of people also linking to the dead page. The Gold mine is when the domain is expired and it's not just a dead page you get links from its all their links you can reach out to.

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It's a pretty limited and old tactic. Your competitors are not going to be linking to that many expired domains. If you are not going to 301 redirect them, then the only other real option is to build out a new site on the domain.
An Kh

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Thats interesting, but what if competitors find out about that? I mean its kind of unethical and in my niche (photography) where we kind of know each other, that would be embarrassing:)
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