What can you suggest to help a client with their online reputation?

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The person in the past had problems with the law and now the mugshot appears as soon as you type his name in Google, his face and the incident they had in the past appears. I kindly ask you to suggest to me how to help them without judging, just something that contributes and no senseless criticism.

Thank you in advance.

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I'd try approaching the sites with the bad material and asking them to remove it... that likely won't work, but you never know.

After that you have a lot of work cut out for you.

You'll have to take over the home page with various properties for that name.

Parasites, Strong web 2.0 properties (Facebook page etc) and EMDs are some options.

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You need a bunch of sites to rank for his brand name on page 1. So, the negative listing is buried down. But it’s Gona cost a good chunk of money as well. ORM usually costs 3k-5k on average per month.

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You could attempt burying it with listings with his name by building 10 or 20 listings.

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Rebrand the website and use another persona. Scrape the content and make 301s to utilize the existing backlinks.

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In the past I've done press releases, and tons of pages etc in the serps you build links to them and bury the bad.

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I would look for well-known review websites and put this person on them. In theory, I would then create mini-money sites and rank them high for their names. I would do YouTube videos and other images for their name. Then, for those, write citations and never stop working on them. I would direct their narrative rather than allow the website to do so. Even see if you can get their name on Wikipedia type of things. Basically, do massive name branding and do not give up on it. Then see if they can go to the courts and expunge their stuff and get it all sealed.

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I think several well-thought-out targeted press release campaigns are probably the best way to push the bad stuff out of the results and build a better reputation/authority initially.

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there are "reputation management" services for this type of thing. I guess they produce lots of good content to drown out the bad content.
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