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I got an email from someone wanting to buy link inserts from my website.

They asked how much I charge, how much should I charge?
MJ Ren

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This is normal for a quick way to get links. It depends on the metrics and current status of your website. DA, Traffic, spam score etc.

Post by Fredrik »

I got one mail some time ago offering $100...on one of my websites where it's free to join and do Guest Blog Posts. Obviously the "I found your site and it's amazing..." etc didn't include actually reading what the site was about.

And there goes the Bot Alert!

Post by Lakshya »

Depends on the niche aur your site authority...if it is good.. you could offer $100 per link back.

Post by Mitchell »

I would offer $500. You'll either get 500 bucks or he will leave you alone.
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