Can we talk about the benefits of writing fanfiction?

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I know a lot of people think of it and cringe, but to be honest it's a great exercise in characterization. You're playing with already established characters and trying to build a plot around them, rather then stretching characters to fit the plot.

It's really helped me with plot structure and stretched my creativity in regards to solving plot holes. Plus it's a lot of fun!

If you ever wanna try a writing exercise that helps you practice keeping your characters in character, pick a couple of your favorite characters from your media of choice and have at it!

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Although I never wrote fanfiction, I can trace the evolution of my "stories" (growing up, I always had a story in my head, long before I started writing them down. I would "stim" for hours, locked in another world, far before "stimming" even had a name. I just called it "flapping.") from characters in cartoons, books and TV programmes I loved. Blakes 7, Star Trek, Doctor Who, Battle of The Planets. I went from telling myself stories with the established characters and settings (around age 6 - 10) then to adding my own characters to the established worlds (about age 11-14) then to creating my own worlds. So I can see that worlds and characters that already existed were a jumping off point for all the stories I've written since then.

I wouldn't want to do it now though, but it definitely has a place in the creative arena.

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I honed my writing skills through fan fiction for many years before focusing fully on my original works.

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A LOT of famous authors started with fanfiction. It gets your toes wet and offers a better idea of your talents. Fanfics are free and easy to find online (mine are on AO3 under JediAnja).

I do agree that it helps you pin down a character (pun intended) by displaying their mannerisms and voice. I have 13 fanfics out there with MANY more waiting to be brought into fruition. The feedback I’ve received from them has given me fuel to write 2 books!

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My very first published story is fan fiction. I have at least two more fan fiction stories I want to write eventually. I’m with you on this.
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