My question is for traditionally published writers

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After your book is under contract, what has been your experience, time-wise, before hear back from an editor to start working on edits, ect.

Have you had to wait weeks, months?

What has been your personal experience?

Thank you.

Post by Alyson »

I signed a contract at the beginning of September and I just received chapters 1-19 last week for feedback.

Post by Lisa »

My publisher let me know the timeline when their editor was going to begin the edit. It was a few weeks away so it gave me time to review and submit my final draft before the edit. Then it took them several weeks to return it to me to review.

Post by Josh »

I got the edits done relatively immediately. Getting any sort of advertising done whatsoever has been hell

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My publisher's usual turnaround time after I submit the finished MS is about 2-3 months, and they allow about 3 months with back and forth editing and revision.

Post by David »

My publishers actually got right on the ball. After all, the faster they get the book on the shelves, the faster they can start making money on sales.

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My 1st editor contacted me about 2 weeks after my 1st publisher & I signed the contract. My next two were pretty immediate. Took a matter of days.

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An editor need to have availability and then do the work. I think the longest wait was 4 months. About.
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