Bamboo sheet reviews please

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Hi all, Bamboo sheet reviews please.

I think I will find a lot of good things..

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Have a bamboo cotton blend wouldn't have anything else, they are light, wash beautifully, cool in summer and have had them for over 3 years and are still like new. I get all my linen and towels at Canningvale. Australian family owned, fantastic quality and service, usually ships in one to two days, have a trial period you can return if not happy and the prices are fantastic. Give them a look.

Post by Philippa »

Personally I prefer crisp cotton sheets. Bamboo ones feel like sheets that have been used for too long and need washing

Post by Deborah »

Nope. They feel slippery. Take ages to dry after washing

Post by Sarah »

I have bamboo cotton and bamboo silk, the silk is softer, but I bought them thinking they are 100% bamboo and hate that silkworms died for them. Bamboo cotton also has amazing colours

Post by Narelle »

Yes and once you have them you won't use anything else

Post by Dimity »

I’m a bamboo snob. Pillow Talk by far I have found are the best!

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We have bamboo sheets from Pillow Talk. They are really lovely and on sale they were quite reasonable. I haven't tried any other brands though so can't compare.

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