I'm using book baby to self publish. Does anyone have any experience with them?

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it's a poetry book. But I am also working on a novel.

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They are a vanity press. If you have money to burn, and you don’t like rejection etc. go for it.

I can tell you from personal experience, they could care less about your book or if it even sells one copy. All they want is your money. They will promise you the moon, but after you have given them thousands of dollars they are done with you. Oh they will get it published on Amazon (which you can do yourself) but the reviews they promised, forget about it.

If you try to get a refund or sue, their defense is they sell services to authors, and don’t promote sales.

Trust me, I know.

I have a manuscript. Fell for one hook line and sinker. Had they published the manuscript, I would have been so embarrassed and real critics would have torn it to shreds.

It was NOT ready for publication but they didn’t care.

Thank God I stopped before it got published.

A little advice, if they do publish you, and you find tons of errors or reviewers trash it, and you pull it to rewrite and correct it, no agent or publisher will touch it, and/or you.

I have been working on my rewrite for over 9 months. I am editing now, removing filler words etc. Then I will send it to an editor. Even though traditional publishers will edit your manuscript, as a first time author you want to put your best work out there. Also, an agent is your best friend. Your agent takes a cut from your sales, the publisher also takes a percentage. Read contracts….if you see your book as a movie, hold on to those rights. You’ll have make some concessions. Also don’t expect your release date to be 6 months after your manuscript is accepted. This is a LONG LONG PROCESS.

As I tell EVERYONE, writing a novel is truly the easy part.
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