What font do you guys use for writing your headings and the body of your novels?

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please help..

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Times New Roman 12 point. For drafts, use whatever you feel comfortable with. Fonts and formatting can easily be changed when it comes time to send to the outside world.

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I just use Times New Roman (12) for everything. The only thing I change for a heading is the font size. (to 20)

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You need to check the submission guidelines where you are submitting. That will tell you the acceptable fonts, point sizes, spacing, etc. They tend to go with standard fonts like Times New Roman for the readability. Typing your novel in Comic Sans 14 point is not the way to go. Just saying.

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I recommend Libre Office. It's free and it converts to multiple file types. It also comes with a lot of your other office programs.

As for headings? My chapter headings are currently in Arial size 14 underlined, but that's because I was too lazy to change any settings.

That particular story is size 11 font.

Garamond is one of the most popular fonts for novels. I think the font you write in doesn't matter, as long as you make it a serif font when you're done.

Most of the serif fonts are easier for printed books.

My friend suggested either size 11 or 12 fonts. I've been told "Large Print" books are 14 points.

Google Docs and Libre Office have presets to help you with headers, footers, chapter headings, etc.

You can also modify them to suit your needs.

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If you want the industry standard then TNR 12 point with either a 1.5 or 2 line spacing with a 1 inch margin around all sides.
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