Anyone had problems with OVO energy since switching from SSE?

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Wasn’t by choice but they merged. My parents are getting in debt and very high bills, hardly using heating etc

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Yes us too. We had a smart meter breakdown on 14th Dec and the engineer but a card top up one in. Left us either £20 but no card. Ovo sent two cards between 14th Dec and 16th Jan but neither of them worked! Turned out that meter was faulty too! They came on the 16th Jan to fit a new smart meter but still not done because he was sent the wrong job number. Still awaiting another instalation date. Its 37 days since we have had normal service.

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I have just gone over to OVO from SSE I got billed £556. For 1 days of gas they are blaming SSE for wrong smart meter reading on the day they changed over. Check your readings are correct I now have to wait up to 12 weeks for them to sort it. It's been alot of hassle

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Have had nothing but problems with ovo used to pay quarterly with SSE for ten years or more never missed a payment now have to pay monthly no matter reason said I have to have smart meter I suggest to swap as ovo seam to be bully boys for SSE they do what they like

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I've had problems with OVO. I'm moving from SSE. They can't even read my electric metre. They are looking in to it. Been ongoing for weeks.

My gas metre they can't locate. So had to have my gas with SSE.

They tried to say I was using more than £100 a month in electric. Which I wasn't. Gave them the actual metre readings and they have discovered I'm right and not even using £50 a month in electric.

I have spent alot of time calling them up and speaking to them on online chat. Taken me ages to try and resolve the issues.
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