Trying to sort out bills for my elderly confused parents!

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Hi I'm after some help if possible, trying to sort out bills for my elderly confused parents! They have virgin TV which they are paying 61 for, tivo max I think, basically they just use channels 1 - 5. I've tried calling virgin see if can get a better deal for them as seems alot of money best they could do was 55, think that's still a rip off, where else can I get TV for them.

I've got a family member coming over tomorrow to check see if aerial works but other than that no idea what to look into.

Also want a good deal on broadband. thanks for any help.

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A now tv stick would run off the WiFi and would cost like £10 a month for the basic channels and a few extra plus no contract so can cancel any time (sometimes doing this gets you great offers like 6 months at £3 etc)

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Amazon fire stick and it gets u BBC iplayer itvx my5 plus apps for free with loads of films and series all u need is WiFi..

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I was with virgin for tv and broadband until a year ago. I now have a free view recording box and bt internet. I don’t regret changing.

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freeview box you get loads of channels and no charge.

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Do they have broadband too.

I think they'd be better off with Freeview.

Virgin are an absolute nightmare to leave as the call handlers claim not to understand you and are obstructive, I don't think an elder couple would manage to leave Virgin.

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If they only use channels 1-5 you could get a freeview box. Check out who the neighbours use for Internet in the area. Many places have good deals for new customers. Virgin are a nightmare sometimes. Ours was set to double recently so my husband reached a new deal with them but we lost all the children's channels which I didn't realise. Our 8 yr old wasn't happy. We might work out a different idea next time it is due to go up and just go with Internet.

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Did you go through to disconnections as they are the ones that should be able to bring it down a bit more for you. Shop around too to show them you know what the competitions pricing is.

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We got rid of sky about 5 years ago just have Netflix and free view Netflix is around, £8 a month and have bt broad band through ee amd that's £19 month but get discount for having mobiles with them.

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Three hub my dad just took out a contract them with them at its not half as much what sky charging them also they just got a a new sky deal for TV and there paying £32 a month and there three hub they can take anywhere with them.

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I bought a Roku stick when my sky tv contract finished. It plugs into my tv's HDMI port and connects via WiFi. Once you download and register bbc iPlayer, itvX, All4, my5, etc you can watch live tv, or on demand. I love it because apart from the initial cost of the stick, I paid just under £30 for the express Roku stick, there's no monthly costs, unless you download and subscribe to Netflix, etc.

As for cheaper broadband deals most providers offer social broadband tarrifs. They are discounted tarrifs for people on certain benefits. If your parents are on pension credit they should be able to qualify.

Martin Lewis recently wrote an article about it. If you google 'Martin Lewis social broadband tariffs' his website with the article should appear.

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I got rid of virgin and had someone put an aerial in so I could use a record able freeview box that i got from argos doing just the job so far. just have broadband with them now for £28.
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