Gas and electricity with EON next question

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Gas and electricity with EON next question

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.. Sorry but something since yesterday has altered and confused Me so would like advice.

I have smart meters and that little monitor to see daily what's what... Happy normally with it.. always look in morning and at various times during day to keep check.. yesterday morning didn't look.. rushing around.. I looked later in afternoon and nearly fainted at what it read.. I thought it can't be right.. on average at moment I can go to bed with my total usage about 2 to 3 pounds gas and electric combined usage.. sometimes 4 pounds if I put heating on for a hour or been hoovering, washing and dryer.. but that’s rare now as cutting back.. its just me. anyway last night went to bed it read 7 pounds electric use and 1 pound gas.. I have never ever had electric that amount use even when there was guests.

So this morning got up per usual.. and it was already on 90p electric and the usual 35p gas.. I use pennies overnight so it's standing charges that show me first thing.

Well after looking on my tariff on account and the meter tarrifs.. I seem to have been put back to pre October charge that the government stopped and lowered.. hope I haven't lost you yet.

I'm on fixed.. till next August.

My electric last August first went up.. new tariff but in October they had to lower them due to the government instructions.. I haven’t been advised this has increased again..

Has anyone else just seen their tariff change in last few days unexpectedly..

Re: Gas and electricity with EON next question

Post by Tracey »

Not sure if it helps but they told me make sure I take a reading in 18th January for some reason so I assume tariff changing but I forgot take it.

Re: Gas and electricity with EON next question

Post by Carol »

Prices went in this month. Smart metre Normally only uploads every hour on metre usage in£. I’m on eon and this last week it’s using a lot more energy due to cold icy weather . Had my heating on for 4 hrs this morning at 17 and I’m already in £4 not used any appliances except kettle . We are fixed to Feb 23. I read my smart metre and put data into app end of every month but they do it 8th month as well.

Re: Gas and electricity with EON next question

Post by Kerry »

I thought if you were on a fixed rate it couldn't change till it ran out its only variable rate that can change, I'd contact them and say you're on a fixed rate, that is the whole point of them its fixed for the term of the contract.

Re: Gas and electricity with EON next question

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Wish I was only useing a couple of pound a day mine have gone up my ele is at least 8 pound a day more if I have loads of washing my gas is a bout 6 pound a day.

Re: Gas and electricity with EON next question

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It’s awful I’ve used over £500 combined this month it’s killing me. Have to have the heating on constant due to having a disabled daughter with CRMO and juvenile arthritis the cold makes her pain worse.

Re: Gas and electricity with EON next question

Post by Lindsay »

You need to take your readings and info from your actual smart meters not the monitor as there may have been a signal issue. Go on your energy suppliers website and check all the different functions. Learn which appliances use the most energy. Your supplier will be able to see when your energy peaks and troughs but not what is plugged in. No 2 households are the same it's impossible to do a comparison with others. Price changes happen twice a year and its not your energy usage price that is capped its your tariff, and don't forget a lot of companies have a daily standing charge. If anyone needs medical refrigeration or uses medical equipment please make sure you are on your energy suppliers priority service register, this applies to you water too. I hope this helps.

Re: Gas and electricity with EON next question

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Can't shed any light on why yours has suddenly changed but my in house monitor has always shown my fixed rate prices but my bill shows what it would have cost then takes off the amount the government is paying to reduce it to government cap, this might be the case with yours now so I'd check over your next bill statement when you get it..

Re: Gas and electricity with EON next question

Post by Shirley »

We are with Scottish Power, and every time they put the £67 on our Smart Meter, it says on my text message I don't have to supply them the numbers on the meter as they can see it themselves of how much we are putting on it, and also I'm on their Priority List (as I'm Registered Disabled - the DWP has said that I'm severely disabled since last September - 2022).
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