Can anyone please recommend the best Air Fryer?

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Air fryer post again sorry!

Every time I decide I’m going to buy one I get bamboozled and give up!

I would like one mainly for cooking meat. Steaks, burgers and a small whole chicken

Can anyone please recommend the best one for this?

Post by Julia »

The Asda one is amazing the 6.5ltr x think it’s on offer £40.

Post by Gemm »

We have a mini oven style if you have a work surface that is Free from a wall unit over it, I would not get one I made that mistake.

Post by Andy »

My 11in1 ninja does a full chicken.


Get one with a dehydrate facility for the best roast beef you’ll ever have.

If you can go that high in price, go for the 15in1 ninja.

It’s on my shopping list for the new year.

Post by Garry »

All of them , don’t get caught up by the, this one is best …they all do the same job… get one big enough for your food that all that matters.

Post by Vanessa »

Just get any that is the right size for you and what you need it for. They all do the same thing.

I got mine form Asda 6.5L was about £50 and it’s what it says it does.

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I wouldn’t pay an extortionate price you really just pay for their name.

Ours was about £80 pounds is 6 litres and does the job it should.

Post by Marilyn »

Can’t comment on others , simply don’t know , but I have Ninja dual . Love it , only thing I did wrong , didn’t realise there were 2 Size capacities .Would have had the larger one ,if I had realised ,but use the one I have constantly . Only 2 of us ,so absolutely fine .
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