Would I be cruel taking the lightbulb out of my teenage sons room?

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Come on then guys, honestly, tell me what you think, would I be cruel taking the lightbulb out of my teenage sons room?

He refuses to turn it off when he is not even in there for hours!

Really really tempted to do so.

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Get a sensor so it turns on when he is in the room but automatically turns on whenin the room, no movement will turn off you can set timers on it we did it for our bathroom might work for your sons room.

Post by Jillie »

You are not cruel at all thinking about taking the bulb out. Do it, he will soon learn. It's your house, your rules and your bills.

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My daughter must get some bills and I’m not kidding I chuckled at this post but the guys right every light 💡 is on in my daughters house even during the day if kids are in especially the toilet one and the fans running as well I feel like taking them out I’m sick of turning switches off when I’m in her house I even done that before the energy rose but after I got my bill in after 7 weeks I was peanuts under £600s I’m extra careful so yes take that bulb out hey this has made my morning.

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Who's the boss in your house?

Take the plug off his Xbox/ps4 and confiscate his phone charger... he'll soon learn.

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What about a lamp with low energy bulb or I bought a couple of lamps from B&M that have batteries. Win win. The more you ask him the more he will leave it on. Take the bulb out and put the lamp in.

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I got a smart bulb that works with my Alexa and just turn it off with that.

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Take bulb! I have given both my kids push lamps with batteries. There are sensor lights in all main passageways so no bulbs there either.

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Depends why ...if his general disobedience is the issue take the bulb ...if it's worry about energy usage just put in a LED, they cost so little to use.

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I did this last summer! My son kept having the light on when its a sunny bright day and then would leave it on when he left the room. I took the bulb out for a few weeks so he could realise he didn't need the light on because its not dark! He learnt and didn't do it again

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There are bigger battles in life than a light being left on. Save your energy and turn it off when you notice it’s on. Seriously, you’ll make yourself ill. I say this with compassion.

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Buy a smart bulb. That way you can turn it off with your phone.

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Is this really a battle? If this is the only battle you have with your teenage son, I’d be thankful. Honestly change the bulb and hope he listens but you could have much bigger battles than that to come - save your energy.

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I was just going to say dors he suffer from anxiety if his bedroom light is not on when he goes in? My 19 year old son won't sleep if he doesn't have his LED lighting on. Get a timer or smart light bulb so can control it from phone.

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That’s not cruel at all actually. Can’t follow the rules? Well then you don’t get light! I'm sure he has a cell phone that has a flashlight he can use. It will teach him a lesson and inconvenience him, like the extra cost is inconveniencing you.

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Let's face it teenagers don't think and don't care. Just turn it off yourself. It's not worth bothering about really. They only learn when they move out.
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