What do you do if going away and your plans for looking after your cat fall through?

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Do you use a pet sitting service or put into a cattery?

What are the average costs for each?

Anything I need to watch out for?

Post by Rachel »

I think the last time I looked it was £13 a night in a catery.

Post by Gail »

You are going to get very divided opinions.

I personally would prefer a Cattery.

My daughter preferred to have someone to come in and feed her cat, change the litter tray and play for an hour.

Costs vary wildly from place to place and also your location.

I think it would probably be a bit cheaper to have a cat visitor.

I found a great place for my late cat It had a long run for exercise and outside views. You could even face time.

I felt better knowing that my cat had 24hr care.

Post by Kate »

Mixed views but as someone suggested someone coming in. I think it would be less stressful for your cat. As it knows it's surroundings.
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