Does anybody know which the electric heaters are?

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.. Which Martin Lewis says cost 6p per hour to run please?

Bonus points for a picture.

Thanks for any replies..

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Seen on TV today Halogen heaters from the range were 12p an hour so maybe the smaller one was 6p an hour.

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The Beldray Halogen Heater features three heat settings and a wide-angle oscillating function to heat rooms quickly and efficiently. The coupon Queen on This Morning mentioned the Range had new stock. Just do a Google search. Apparently, the heater retails for £30.


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I have an oil filled one and I did a reccy on cost... it used ten pence an hour and this was with tv on and me making a cuppa and other normal daily appliances. And it keeps my living room cosy too.

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Probably halogen heaters but I think the 6p will be for 1 bar they operate on 400wt each bar so the more bars you use the higher the hourly rates are.

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If he is actually recommending something it will be on his website. Check there to avoid scam advertising.

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I'm not sure which one it was, but for 6p an hour, it won't give off much heat.

I've got the beldray halogen heater that's pictured. When I have it on the lowest setting (1 bar), it's 400w. That equates to 14p per hour, with the current price guarantee electricity rate of 34p per kwh. So don't believe everything you read online!

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Shoppers go crazy for £30 heater recommended by Martin Lewis that costs pennies to run.

The Beldray 1.2kW Halogen Heater has racked up thousands of glowing five-star reviews online from Wilko and Argos.
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