I paid £21.34 it would of been £34.29 so I still saved £12.95

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So getting something off is better than nothing off at all.. Got some nice bits & I've got some meal ideas behind it.. I paid £21.34 it would of been £34.29 so I still saved £12.95... we'll do the salmon fish cakes with chips & peas a cod pie & mash with peas.. bacon with pancakes, fried egg & maple syrup.. lasagne with garlic bread & salad.

The rest will go with an Indian dish samosas & rice.. nuggets with bbq sauce & french fries.. and we've even got a couple of ham sandwiches for the lads packed lunch.

Jobs a goodun..

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A bargain is when you are happy with what you’ve bought at the cost you paid. Enjoy your meals.

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If you buy this all the time then it's a bargain, but I'm guilty of seeing a reduced sticker thinking oooh that bargain I'll buy it and stick in freezer. But for eg I shop in Tesco chicken nuggets are 99p the reduced here is still more expensive or the rice it's 35p ish for a packet etc. obv it's branded but once frozen it's no different to cheaper.

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it's obviously reduced but still more expensive than the Sainsbury's regular own brand bacon.

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I personally think that coupons are a thing of the past. And if you don't use it, it is not worth buying. Maybe you got a few good deals.
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